Health Care and Monitoring

Under the recognition of Zoo rules prescribing standards and norms for health care, hygiene and upkeep of animals, a Health Advisory Committee is constituted vide G.O. No. 1617(2) Va.Gra VI /2002 &(25)/2001 dated 28-09-2002 of Govt. of Uttarakhand with a mandate to advise the Nainital Zoo authorities on animal health care and related matters.

The Committee is supposed to visit the Nainital Zoo at least once every three month and monitor the compliance of the health care standards prescribed under the recognition of Zoo rules.

Prophylactic Measures

Proper vaccination is done in all the animals for prevention of rabies, pen leucopenia, foot & mouth diseases and other communicable diseases.

For preventive measures of Foot & Mouth Disease (F.M.D.), vaccination is done every year before rains.

Deworming is alone quarterly/ half yearly in all animals for prevention of development and growth of endo parasites.

Similarly vaccination of Fel-o-vax is done in big cats before rain every year for preventing the spread of deadly disease like pen leucopenia.

Curative Measures

It is mandatory in part of zoo keepers to provide daily health report of each and every animal. If any animal is either found sick or injured, necessary treatment is provided by veterinary officer of Zoo.