Nainital ZOO - Ticket Prices

Adult: Rs. 100/- per person
(between 13 Yrs - 60 Yrs)

Children : Rs. 50/- per person
(between 5 Yrs - 12 Yrs)

Adult Foreigner : Rs. 200/- per person

Child Foreigner : Rs. 100/- per person

Free entry for senior citizen and especially abled peoples.

Students get free entry on World Environment Day, Zoo Foundation Day, Ozone Day and during Wild Life Week.

Zoo remains closed on Every Thursday, 26 January, 15 August, Holi and Diwali.

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Upcoming Events

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, 16 September.

Wild life week from Oct 1st - Oct 7th. Children below 12 year (must be accompanied by parents or teachers) will get free entry during this period.

New members in Zoo

We welcome two of Red Panda's new born cubs in Nainital Zoo

Zoo Shuttle Service

Now you can reach us through Zoo shuttle service which is running from India Hotel, Mall Road Nainital.

Royal Bengal Tiger

This tiger was once populated from the stretch of Siberia South through China to North & South Korea but due to habitat loss and poaching Siberian Tigers are now confined to South Siberia and some parts of China only.

Siberian tiger's main prey species are elk, wild boar and deer.

Other mammals...

Golden Pheasant

Golden pheasants are found in Central China.

They feed on grains, grass seeds, small plants and insects etc.

Male Pheasant is very beautiful and shiny. They live in pairs or in family flocks in spring season and summer.

Other pheasants...

Outreach Programme

Nainital Zoo organizes various outreach programmes involving children, students, local peoples and visitors to create awareness towards wildlife conservation on different forest and wildlife occasions.

Various activities like Zoo Visit, Quizzing, Painting and Debate Competition etc. are organized for the students.

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