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G. B. Pant High Altitude Zoo, Nainital, Uttarakhand.

Store and Feed Supply section

The Zoo presently equipped with a feed store which has five rooms in total. One room is equipped with weighing machine and used for receiving and distributing feed after weighing the feed. Two rooms are used for storing the dry and wet feed items respectively. One room is used as meat processing unit. The other room is used as Kitchen building and equipped with L.P.G. stoves & required kitchen utensils. The units have platforms & sufficient containers to store the food items properly. As the zoo falls under temperate region, the electric heater and blowers are used to keep the feed moisture free. All the facility has tiled flooring, inset proof screen windows and has fly trapper. Efforts have also made to keep the facility rodent proof and insect proof by enveloping the facility in a wire mesh.

Sanitation and Upkeep

The zoo considers sanitation section as an important section of the zoo. The zoo has evolved certain mechanism and facilities to clean animal enclosures, night shelters, toilets, roads and whole premises on daily basis. Road, foot path, public toilets etc. are cleaned twice daily. The zoo has prepared periodical schedule for cleaning and sanitation of species specific enclosures and perch of the birds etc. Suitable disinfectants are used to clean the enclosures and utensils meant for preparation, mixing, distribution and feeding of animals daily to prevent insect, flies, ticks, ants, cockroaches etc., from riddle the enclosures. In order to prevents bacteria, fungi and other pathogens from proliferation in the night house and ensures good hygienic conditions the floors are also scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly with fresh water in periodic manner.

The whole zoo is divided in six beats each with 1 cleaner in the place (including animal house and enclosure). All though edibles and polythene bags are prohibited to carry inside the zoo premises, dustbins have been kept at several convenient places. One burning sheds (Incinerator) have created for burning of daily wastes. There is also constructed a bone house for disposal of left ever bones from the carnivores enclosures which is cleared at regular cuter walls. Three public toilets have been constructed, in which one toilet is near the main entrance and two toilets inside zoo.

All animal enclosures are cleaned on daily basis.

Weeds removal, bush cutting to reduce the vector load, cleaning of moats and sewer lines and proper disposal of solid wastes are important measures adopted by the Nainital Zoo for improving the hygiene of animal enclosures.

Night shelters of animals are washed daily with lizol and weekly with bleaching powder.

Food supplied to the animals is procured as per the guide lines determined by CZA to ensure that wholesome and quality feed is being supplied to the animals.

The authority ensures that meet provided to the carnivores and other is duly certified by the zoo veterinarian.