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G. B. Pant High Altitude Zoo, Nainital, Uttarakhand.

Veterinary Section

Veterinary Hospital

The zoo has an adequate Veterinary Hospital building. The Hospital has adequate space for examination and treatment of sick animals. It has basic equipment and instruments for examination, treatment and rescue of different wild animals. There is an X-ray unit and an Operation theater attached with the hospital. The facility of Incubator/ Brooding room is also available for the purpose of incubation / brooding of different pheasant and birds during their breeding season. However, there are plans to update the veterinary equipment inventory as recommended by the Central Zoo Authority as per the category of zoo.

Zoo veterinary hospital has laboratory for routine fecal and urine sample examination. This is also equipped with emergency medicines, routine treatment oral feed supplements, de-wormer, vaccines and tranquilizing drugs. Tranquilizing equipments with necessary chemical drugs for chemical capture or immobilization ofanimals. Restraining equipments like net, squeeze cages and shifting cages for physical restraining of animals. Varieties of kraal are for rescued animals,orphaned animal for hand rearing and disease animal for treatment.

Veterinary Care of Animals

  • Daily observations of animals for health condition and behavioral changes. Prophylactic measures to prevent parasitic and diseases.
  • Housing and management for better health condition.
  • Post-mortem examination of dead animals.
  • Preparation of diet, supervision of feeding and supplied food quality.
  • Treatment and isolation of sick animals.
  • Chemical or physical restraining of animals.
  • Disinfectant and ecto-parasiticide solution spraying at enclosure.
  • Record keeping relating to animal history, animal inventory, medicine inventory and hand rearing of animals.

Animal ward

At present there are cages for treatment of sick and injured animals. Nainital zoo has 2 cells each for carnivores and herbivores.


Quarantine ward has constructed for rescued and injured animals.

Post Mortem House

A post mortem house is constructed for P.M. of zoo animals.